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Exam over and I am yet living!


So finally exams got over today. Ill pass in all subjects, hopefully. Obviously I was not expecting to do any better, what with stopping studying midway through the semester. Doing everything except studying, even during the exam.

Saurav Ganguli and the Indian Cricket team.


Ok so my first post inspired by cricket.
Saurav G. is not in the indian cricket team. And so how can we allow Indian team to play in eden gardens? That was the message we all got watching the fans there.
Ok I donot claim to be a cricket expert. But I know that, even if Saurav G is not in the team, the fans in eden gardens must support the India.
But yesterday, they were booing India. When Dravid got out the people were overjoyed. And SA winning was cheered. Oh is Bengal in India? Whats more important being a bengali or being a Indian?

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