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Make money selling text links on your website.


Before I go any further, I must warn that this is a shameless plug, containing affiliate links.
Do you own a website? A blog? Will you sell some advertising space on it? Have quality content and visitors? Yes! Then you may be missing a chance to make some money.
Sites exist which will get advertisers to advertise on your site. You obviously have to split money with the site which gets you the advertisers, but it is a fair deal for the work they do.
The site I use to get ads is linkworth. To sign up visit the partners tab, and you will get advertisers to show ads on your site. You will get 50% of the advertising revenue. And you can make some more money by getting other webmasters to sign up.
How does this help the advertisers?
There are two major benefits. The advertisers receive pagerank improvement and free customers.
Another one I am using is
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