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What is success to me? Is it making a million dollars? Or is it getting a secure 9 to five job? Or is it marrying a girl of my choice and live of farming and fishing?

I want to be rich, Very, very rich. It is a pretty materialistic view of success but then that’s me. I want to be pretty powerful. Power doesn’t have that charm for me. But still I must be able to do some things foe the people I like, and to destroy (for lack of a better word) the people I dislike. And then I want to fall in love. Yeah, yeah I know that happens once a week, but then the girl too should reciprocate. That’s success.
But then don’t I want to do anything for my country, the society, my family and friends? Is that not part of being successful? Yeah. That is what I want to be rich for. My country, family, friends. So that I may return the love bestowed on me. I don’t want riches; just to enjoy them. I want them also so that I may use them to create wealth for my country.

recipe for sucess?


What is the personality trait that separates the men from the boys, the winners from the also rans? Its not hard work, for then a truck driver would be pretty successful. Its not even intelligence. Enough unsuccessful people have it. Its not luck, for luck evens out in a lifetime.
My papa says its perseverance, and I would agree, but perseverance to what? Perseverance in spite of failures. To not be afraid of loosing and failures. To keep on pushing in spite of them.
Its the desire and ability to rush in where angels fear to tread. The ability to risk failures, fail and rise again. Loosing the battle but not ones heart. To rise from ashes, phoenix like.
In a lifetime, heck even in day, you cannot always win. You win some, you lose some. So if you are afraid of loosing, you are not going to try and you have lost already.

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