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"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

--Friedrich Nietzsche

My friend Gaurav Kochar ask some interesting questions, and ask to "Blast me with an Answer". Here is peacing with answers.

1. Why has never a single politician or even his PA died or even get hurt in any of the blasts.

A. Why has any person whose name starts with ZFS not died in the blasts. Innocent people of our country have died, how would politicians dying make this better, (or worse?). Unless of course, you are implying that the politicians are behind the blast and have prior knowledge.

2. Muslims say that because of a few terrorists their community is suffering a bias. Why has not even a single Muslim ever tried to educate their rotten head brothers.

A. "Why has not even a single Muslim ever tried to educate their rotten head brothers." [Citation Needed]

I am a Hindu, and have been trying to educate my rotten head hindu brothers, most of the time it does not work.

[PS. How is each Hindu my brother, and each Muslim, a Muslim's brother?]

3. How is it so easy to distribute anti-India posters in the capital of India itself. And why no action is taken against the community that does this.

A. Agree, extremely strict actions should be taken against all such activities.

4. Why did our HRD minister come in defense of the Jamia terrorists even without any proof of their innocence.

A. [You mean Jamia terrorists University.]

Per our constitution, and accepted legal precedents of Innocent until proven guilty.

5. Why does the governance body forget about martyr M C Sharma but remember about the bloody Sohrabuddin.

A. Not only the Government, but we the citizens need to remember, both the sacrifices of Martyr M C Sharama, as well the state sponsored fake encounter of Sohrabuddin.

6. Why does only Modi and Advani get life threats whereas none of the politicians from the governing party are threatened.

A. Umm, what does that prove?

7. Why does our home minister give more importance to his attire in a state of national crisis.

A. Agree, Shivraj Patil has been a failure as a Home Minister and needs to be shown the door. This is a failure of an indivdual, and to an extent an error of Judgement on part of our PM. It has no further meaning in larger scheme of things.

8. Even after 5 blast incidents in last one year there has been no stringent law in place.

A. "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. - -- Benjamin Franklin ".

There are basic civil liberties granted to me, a free citizen of my country, "Innocence until proven guilty", "Right to appeal to a court of law", "No detention without charge". Laws such as POTA and TADA take away these basic liberties, and have a long tradition of being abused. I do not trust the State/Police to use them with resposibilty, without a system of check and balances, and judiciary oversight.

What we need is better/more stringent application of existing laws, more cordination between intellenence agencies, not more laws.

9. Even a common man knows what goes on in a Madrasa, why does the government prefers to keep mum over that.

A. Agree, wheverver anti national/anti peace teaching are being taught, they need to be dealt with firmly and decisively, whther they happen in a Madrasa or a Shakha.

[End of snarky answers]

Islamic terrorism is a problem which our country needs to fight. The answer to it is more voices of reason, not another brand of extremism.

The aim of terrorists with these blasts is not to kill people, but to fight a psychological warfare. And if we start mistrusting people, where one of my countrymen is "guilty until proven innocent", the terrorists have won. Please do not let them win, the stakes are just too high.

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