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Utopia: An addiction unlike any other.


Yeah, they call it Utopia: A game unlike any other. Might be. BUt it is an addiction unlike any other. Here I am at 6 in the morning sitting in front of my computer. Half sleepy. And thinking whether banks will be better or training grounds? Killing imaginary ppl. Earning imaginary money wasting real time. Thats the magic of computer games. Thats the magic I want to create.

Friendship Day


This sunday will be the first sunday of the august,that means friendship day. Will I be able to ask her out. Will she agree. I can get all I want, excepting her. But what else matters?


What is SCJP?

Scjp is Sun Certified Java Programmer. It is a entry level Java programmer certification exam conducted by sun. Cost 150 dollars.

Certification Exams


The cost of most of IT certification exams is 150 $. Now that is neither too much nor too less, but rather depends upon where you are from. If you are from the US it might be very cheap. But if you are from a developing coutry that is way too much of money. Most of the people donot make that kind of money here in a month. I am not sure what the per capita income of India is, but it will surely be less than this. I mean the IT companies should do something about it. The tests can be conducted much cheaper here, and they dont have much too lose, if prices are down many more people will give the exams.

Today i got my SCJP certificate. Gave the exam on 12th July. So it took something like 3 weeks. Yet to get my CCNA certificate though.

Utopia : the Game


I sometimes play utopia, a MMOG, massively multiplayer online games. Thousands of people might be playing this game simultaneously. And boy are these addictive. With no graphics and music the addiction is something. But thses games are more of a social experience. You meet new people kill some, make friends, allies, enemies. Its more like chatting with role playing.
Also programming for these games should not be too tough. MySql and PHP ought to do it. So thats why I have to learn PHP. I have to write such a game.

How does Blogger chooses the random titles? I use the google bar and its pretty irritating when it uses titles of currently open pages. Also the xml tags of the post below have not been shown. So i have to find out how to show xml tags here.

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Finally I started work on writing a tutorial for the SCJP 1.4 exams. Yeah I only just passed the exam but I got a 100% in that exam. I am using docbook to write that. That docbook is one cool tool. You write the contents and someone else( the docbook program) has to worry about the formatting.
So you basically write something like:

some bullshit.

somemore bullshit.

and the program generates a very nicely formatted pages for you. And not only in html. You choose your output format,pdf , html or rtf. Whatever. It has got them all. Now that is cool.



Did ya know that Blogger is owned by Google. So are many web services you might be using (Orkut, Froogle blah). My God , it gives me creeps to see all the power Google holds over the world. What if Larry Page has a particular political laening and uses google to help that political party. Google has that power. So lets just hope that Larry Page is a gentleman.
Talking of google, they are coming to our Campus for placements. And they are really good payers. God they pay so much, its almost obscene. Sadly I cant sit for those exams as I am already placed in Oracle. They too give a really god package, though not so obscene ;)

Shabda's Home


Shabda's Home
The priority right now is to complete the jobs which I had long wanted to do,
So I have to complete and publish the java website I long planned to do. Finally learn PHP the awy I know java, and create MMORP using PHP and MySql. Yeah these will take time but that I now have in plenty, with the placements over. But thats time in plenty to use not to waste.

Blogger: Dashboard


Well time sure flies. I ab blogging after 5, or is it six months? But it was time well spent. Leant a lot of new things. Gave and passed the CCNA and the SCJP exams. Most importantly got a job. Really what more could have I asked for? A dream job, a dream for last six months.
But as the saying goes, Stay hungry, stay foolish. I have to keep working hard and not rest on my laurels.

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