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After a long time I again started learning client side scripting, Javascript. And again I met the big enemy, the bane of all web designers, the great devil, M$. I mean how brain dead browser can be. CSS support which would have been better had it not been there. Javascript which kills it. And to think that this browser is the most popular.
Why cant M$ make better browsers? Come, on if forefox can comply with standards, if Opera can, why cant M$? And then they wonder why M$ is loosing the battle with google.



Earlier I had posted about how a guy(Andreas Kello) wants to make millions using a simple and crazy idea. The idea is that he is selling a domain name for 7.5mil dollars. By buying it, you are breaking a record and generating instant pulicity for yourself. Without futher commenting on merit of this idea, let me get straight to the point.
Today I got a mail from Andreas telling me that I have won a thousand dollars from commenting at his site. But that ,obviously,is payable only when the site gets sold. Oh God! Let there be one crazy billionaire who sees this site and buys it, so I may get my 1000$. Ha ha.
But what is the possibility of this happening? Hmm. Is the marketing hype, if there is any generated by it worth the 7.mils. No sir. But what if a crazy bilionare sees and is intruiged by the idea?If I had a 100million dollars would I buy it? No. If I had a billion? Might be.

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