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What will people not do. What is a crazy idea which has not yet crossed anybody's mind?

A guy has started a bidding to let anyone buy his domain name for something like 7million and one $. His sales pitch is that by buying the domain name, you can make a new world record, get your name in guiness book of records and get instant publicity. And the guy is so sure of someone buying it, that he has put up adwords ads for it.
Just a little problem mr. Wise Guy. What if someone really pays you 7mils for the domain, but after that another guy pays just a cent more to buy another domain, your clients record is broken. Oops, and all his money is wasted. Oh BTW, henceforth domain is officially on sale. If you can offer more than that. Oh and the site is this
Might be you will like to see his sales pitch.

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