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Clueless government=Blogs banned


Ok there is no doubt about the fact that the government has been trying to shutdown blogs. I mean come one Mr. Government, did you even ask your security experts about the feasibility of this block. Do you really think that by cracking down on number of Blogging sites you can stop communication between terrorists? Oh no, those poor terrorists, they can't even afford a domain name.
Heard of something called proxy? Oh, forget that I asked. Do you even know that Blogger alllows posting by email. Heard of Wordpress MU. It allows anyone to set up their own blogging platforms. What are you trying to block.
I know the terrorists are dumb people, but are they dumb enough to post their communication to public blogs?
India has 1.2 million bloggers, but I guess they donot count. Right? Miniscule minority.
I wonder who gave a such a order. Probably some babu sitting in some nondescript office, who just heard the name of blogs and email. Tossed a coin. Heads I ban blogs, tails I ban email. I guess we should be thankful that the coin landed head.
But who am I kidding? Blogs have been banned. Means you can't read my blogs. How do we fight this stupid legislation.

Finally, just the updates,

I donot know how much of this is true, but there are some disturbing signs.
So India joins the illustrious leage of China, Pakistan and other Dracon-law countries. However I am still able to acces my blogs, My stats show that I am having a number of visitors from india, so erm not sure if anything like that has been implemented.

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