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I am participating in nanowrimo


What is nanowrimo?
NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is a creative writing project originating in the United States in which each participant attempts to write a fifty-thousand-word novel in a single month. The project was started by Chris Baty in July 1999 with 21 participants, and has been held annually in November since 2000. Despite the name, the project is now international in scope. In 2005, 59,703 people participated and 9,765 were declared winners, each having written at least 50,000 words. The cumulative word total for all participants in 2005 was 714,227,354 words.
From wikipedia

Since in next two years I have to write two movels, (have you read my todo yet? Previuos post.) It was necessary I start. I have far too many half written novels none of which have been completed. Possibly a deadline will force me to do so.

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My long term goals!


My long term goals
Apart from the second last one, every thing's pretty achievable, won't you agree?

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