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#define SUCCESS_to_ME

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What is success to me? Is it making a million dollars? Or is it getting a secure 9 to five job? Or is it marrying a girl of my choice and live of farming and fishing?

I want to be rich, Very, very rich. It is a pretty materialistic view of success but then that’s me. I want to be pretty powerful. Power doesn’t have that charm for me. But still I must be able to do some things foe the people I like, and to destroy (for lack of a better word) the people I dislike. And then I want to fall in love. Yeah, yeah I know that happens once a week, but then the girl too should reciprocate. That’s success.
But then don’t I want to do anything for my country, the society, my family and friends? Is that not part of being successful? Yeah. That is what I want to be rich for. My country, family, friends. So that I may return the love bestowed on me. I don’t want riches; just to enjoy them. I want them also so that I may use them to create wealth for my country.

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  1. Blogger Pratik 

    आपकी सफलता की परिभाषा कुछ अजीब ज़रूर है, लेकिन बढिया है। :)

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