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Dan Brown: Digital Fortress

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Today I completed reading Dan Brown’s digital fortress. The more I read him, the more I seem to dislike him. Like Da Vinci Code was ok, but nothing to be the bestseller it became. But if you claim to read books these days you cant afford not to read Dan Brown. I mean everyone is reading it. So to discuss it with friends and others who share your interest, you must have read it.
But Digital Fortress was intolerable for me, at least intellectually. If you write a fiction, you must get your real world facts correct. Like it would be absurd if in a novel you read that New York is in China. But Dig Fort is full of such bloomers. If you know anything bout cryptography, I mean anything, you would be left wondering how can anyone write such bullshit. And did you know that when viruses attacked networks, they ate away security like real world walls. And firewalls fall bit by bit, with hackers inching closer.
But whatever I say you are going to buy and read that book, right? Once a book becomes bestseller, it remains so.
But this one was a nice touch. On the last page, there is a code given (it’s a book based on cryptography ).128-10-93-85-10-128-98-112-6-6-25-126-39-1-68-78.
Haven’t yet tried to break it. But it surely is Caesar’s cipher(16 chars, square of 4) along with numerals for letter substitution

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