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Waiting for the next big idea

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It has been two weeks since I have been in Hyderabad. What do I need in my professional life for success? I mean, I am intelligent, hardworking and blah, blah, blah. But then I guess that is not enough.

I blog I read yesterday commented on the futility of waiting for the next big idea. I had always believed that an idea can change your life. An idea – and lo you are an billionaire. An idea- Google - and lo- you are Larry Page. And idea- databases- and lo you are Larry Ellison. But then, idea is important, but even more important how you execute it.

In unleashing the ideavirus, Godin mentions how important ideas are. But ideas are cheap. There are just too many good ideas out there waiting to be implemented. Codd gave the idea of databases. But Ellison’s implementation of it made him famous and rich. The idea of visual interfaces existed for a long time with Xerox-Parc, but M$ implementation of it made Gates the person he is today.

Waiting there saying that you do not have the correct idea is just another way of saying that you are lazy.

Now I have all the qualities for huge, huge success. Idea is not a prerequisite. I am unwilling to accept that luck is a factor.

Hmm… So what is missing?

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