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Or for that matter why does anyone blog? Like don’t you have anything better than to sit in front of your computer and waste your time hurting your hand typing? Go play out, watch nature, get a date whatever. Probably that’s one reason I blog. I never seem to get a date. I don’t like playing, at least not any out door game. I won’t see a scenery until it has a nude woman in it. In short I am your nerd next door.
But still there are many advantages. What ego boost do you get when you see the server logs and see that your blog has been visited by people from ten different countries. And imagine the size of my ego when I find that two of them stayed reading my rants for full 10 mins. Oh it almost makes me forget the time my English teacher gave me a full half marks out of twenty on my essay test.
And I hope I make some money out of it. I dream of the day when a publisher reads this blog and signs me a million dollar book deal. (BTW if you are a publisher even a hundred dollar book deal will be okay, really). Failing that I have adsense installed with my blogs. So you see some text ads on my web pages. If you click any of them Ill make money. And I sometimes place text ads on my blogs for money. If you are a blogger or web master and would like to place ads for money visit them, Text Link Advertising. Beware though, I make a lot of money if you signup, but at no cost to you. And yeah the more I write the more of my webpages get indexed. I rise in link popularity and pagerank. More people visit my blog. My ego inflates even more. I write even more. Ah, it’s an endless cycle. But don’t I love it.

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