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What do people do when they have too much bandwidth and time? Start a campaign about aliens. I sometimes post and visit the Frihost forums. That’s where this story is from
It all started when noobie was terribly bored. And this was what he posted.

Join the "We Hate Aliens" Campaign today!
and stand to win 0.00 FRIH$ in cash!

"Woahh! I want to join!!!!! How do I join?!"


"Whyyyyy should I join!?"

Aliens are things that steal our Earth women and then probing us with their probe things!!! They are evil things that give FREE stuff away!! Say no to aliens to save PLANET EARTH!!!

Now when one mod does a crazy thing like this can another be far behind. So soon Dan started a we love aliens campaign. This is what his post said.

Come and join the "We Love Aliens" Campaign today!
And stand to win0.00 FRIH$ in cash!

"Niice!! I want to join!!!!! How do I do so?!"

It's SIMPLE! Just go to your profile page ……


"Hold on, just why should I join?!"

They helped our ancestors build the pyramids, Great Wall of China, and the Winding Staircase under Trinity United Church at Wall St. and Broadway (as seen in National Treasure). They are generous creatures that give stuff away for FREE!! Say YES to aliens to ensure mankinds efforts to improvement!!!
And also to win against the "HATE ALIENS Campaign"!

AND!!!! Also to pass the message to our alien friends that we love and support them!!!!!!!!!

And as I came too late on the scene, I had to be content with starting a we the aliens thread.

Oh i was just passing through earth, and what did I see. My! There is a raging war going war going on bout us. We hate aliens. We love aliens and now even a we dont give a .... bout aliens.
I mean come on guys. We aliens too have feelings. We never will steal your women. We will only steal your men, if you get my point. Noobie oh why do u hate us so much. BTW, dan dont worry much bout him. He is not gonna live much longer. Our sniper are trailing him day and night, from mars. Die.Die. Die noobie.
Join the "We the aliens" campaign. Only if you are an alien.

Note to noobie- We outnumber you on earth too.
Grins to himself- Bondings is, Dan is. MhWaaH. All your bases are belongs to us.
Ps. the pic you have of aliens is all wrong. We donot look like that.But I will not tell you what we look like. Top alien secret.
Also Might I ask some of my Alien friend to make us a avtar. Im not much good with photoshop. But im good with sniper rifle, trailing noobie.
Now people are starting so many alien threads and frihost is gonna be a virtual Star Wars set.

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