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Is Computer Magic?

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Its our world now..
The age of the electron and the switch.
The beauty of the baud.....
-"The hackers manifesto"

Do you believe in magic? Do you believe that holding a wand in your hand and saying something like abracadabra or Expelimus or anything equally bizarre can have any effect except to get you branded mad?
What is computer if not magic? The magic wand in your hand. Say the correct word and it does your bidding. Just know the correct spells and the world is at your fingertips.
You gotta know the correct spells to work your wand. You gotta write the correct code to work your computer. A good spell caster can work a weak wand, though a strong wand may make it more effective. A good hacker can work a weak computer and any computer is only as good as the human behind it.
It has got every thing the good wizards(hackers), the dark wizards(crackers), whit magic the software which make your work easier, black magic the varus which just makes you want to tear your hairs out.
You only got so much mana and you only got so much bandwidth, computing resources. So if you believe when I say that there are a billion stars, why wont you if I say that some one may fly.
And yes I compared the good wizards to the hackers. If that shocked you probably you do not differentiate between a hacker and a cracker. Hackers build things, Crackers destroy them.ESR tells the difference

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