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A zen master once dreamed that he was a fly. Now this so shocked up the zen master, ever in search of the elusive truth that he immediately woke up. He then asked himself whether he was man who was dreaming he was a fly or a fly dreaming to be a man. Whether he had just woken up from a dream or just went back to dreaming.

But I am coming to the point. Have you played a simulation game- AOE, Civilisation, heck even Need of Speed. The people in there, those sims, how can they know that they are not real. That they are just bits in memory, created solely for my enjoyment. How can we know that we are not part of some computer simulation, that our universe is not only finite but just the ram of some computer. That the rules of our universe “thou shalt not exceed the speed of light” are limitations imposed by the simulation engine. That god is not some punk kid high on beer and adrenaline. But before you dismiss me as another Matrix junkie, consider the Moore’s Law. Computing power doubles every 18 months. It has held for last 40 years. If it holds for another 50 years, we will have computers capable of simulating the universe. So why are you so sure that the universe did not arise 50 years earlier, and we are simulation of that universe.

But now consider this. Take a shoot-em-up space game. How is it coded? You shoot a missile at the baddie ship. If you manage to hit it, the missile sends a message to the ship- hey buddy you have been hit. The ship calls its destruct function and dies.




What if god coded the universe this way. A person shoots a bullet at me. The lazy-bone I am, I don’t get out of its way in time. So the bullet sends a message to me, that I have been hit and need to die. But what if I refuse to call my die function. BTW, is this what is called will power, refusal to call my destruct function? Also, my isAlive variable is private to me. The bullet can hit me all day long but cant set my isAlive variable.

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